Bar LoLo y PePe: Gratin cod skewer with garlic

Gratin cod skewer with garlic

Cristal bread base with cod fried with au gratin aioli and padrón pepper.

Bar LoLo y PePe

C/ Mallorca, 532
Barcelona, 08026


Bar Restaurant Gardenia: Falafel skewer

Falafel skewer

Homemade and fresh falafel skewer with tahini sauce.

Bar Restaurant Gardenia

C. Provença, 546
Barcelona, 08025


Green Kiss: Hummus and quinoa wrap

Hummus and quinoa wrap

Delicious roll stuffed with hummus cream, quinoa, tomato and spinach.

Green Kiss

Av. Gaudí, 87
Barcelona, 08025


Restaurante La Moreneta: Small pimentel jerky sandwich

Small pimentel jerky sandwich

Small toasted bread sandwich with beef jerky and olive oil and toasted pine nut emulsion.

Restaurante La Moreneta

c/ Cartagena, 234
Barcelona, 08013


Pittier Pa i Café: Pittier Pie

Pittier Pie

Pie made with corn flour and flavored with the Caribbean, stuffed with beef or chicken or cheese or black beans.

Pittier Pa i Café

C/Castillejos, 252, Local 2
Barcelona, 08025


Stewart: Crispy 100% acorn-fed Iberico dewlap

Crispy 100% acorn-fed Iberico dewlap

Thin layers of 100% Iberian acorn-fed jowls from the producer Maldonado, mounted on a crystal bread.


c/ Indùstria, 119, Local 14
Barcelona, 08025


La Font Gaudí : Hummus with bread croutons

Hummus with bread croutons

Chickpea hummus with sweet paprika powder, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil accompanied with bread croutons.

La Font Gaudí

Av. Gaudí, 76
Barcelona, 08025


Bar Nou Face: Thursday Con-Fundido

Thursday Con-Fundido

Small casserole with melted provolone cheese, with fresh tomato, Provençal herbs and shavings of reserve duroc serrano ham. Accompanied by a crispy triangle of artisan coca bread.

Bar Nou Face

Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 190
Barcelona, 08025


Bar Provença: Loin roast

Loin roast

Cristal bread with low temperature roast loin.

Bar Provença

C/ Provença, 341
Barcelona, 08037


Pans & Company Gaudí: Alitas de pollo

Alitas de pollo

4 barbecue chicken wings (bbq).

Pans & Company Gaudí

Av. Gaudí, 58
Barcelona, 08025


Los Bellota: Acorn-fed iberico ham croquettes

Acorn-fed iberico ham croquettes

Homemade acorn-fed iberico ham croquettes with denomination of origin Extremadura.

Los Bellota

Marina, 298
Barcelona, 08025


Cal Màrius 449:


Cal Màrius 449

C/Mallorca, 449
Barcelona, 08013


Big Bowl Restaurant: Mini bowl with fish and Chinese vegetables in homemade broth

Mini bowl with fish and Chinese vegetables in homemade broth

Mini bowl with fish and Chinese vegetables in homemade broth of the day with sourness. Asian Tsingtao beer or water

Big Bowl Restaurant

c/ Industria, 156
Barcelona, 08025


Pure Cuisine: Stuffed gyozas

Stuffed gyozas

5 delicious gyozas stuffed with vegetables accompanied by a beer.

Pure Cuisine

C. Provença, 544
Barcelona, 08025


Vermuteria Olimpo: Confit pork rib (Farmer's shank)

Confit pork rib (Farmer's shank)

Pork rib confited at low temperature with two sauces and garnish.

Vermuteria Olimpo

Mallorca, 494, local 3
Barcelona, 08013


Bar Bodega 'La Parra': Potato omelette 'pintxo'

Potato omelette "pintxo"

Portion of potato omelette – the house special.

Bar Bodega "La Parra"

Cartagena, 317
Barcelona, 08025


La Nonna Delia Vermutería: Potato and meat bomb with 'alioli' and brava sauce

Potato and meat bomb with "alioli" and brava sauce

Potato bomba stuffed with beef ragu breaded with panko (bread squama).

La Nonna Delia Vermutería

c/ Padilla, 307
Barcelona, 08025


El Maracucho Grill House: Grilled skewer

Grilled skewer

Mini skewer of beef, "chorizo" (seasoned hard pork sausage) ​​and chicken with chimichurri from the house and "papelón" (brown sugar).

El Maracucho Grill House

C. Enamorats, 112
Barcelona, 08026


Beerivins: Ball skewer

Ball skewer

Brie skewer with ham.


Carrer Còrsega 589
Barcelona, 08025


Insòlita Gea: Sausage spiced with cheese

Sausage spiced with cheese

Mini sandwich with "coca" bread, farmer's sausage with species and cheese.

Insòlita Gea

Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 216
Barcelona, 08025


Granja La Lluna Restaurante: Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

Two tandoori chicken thighs with a little spicy with two slices of bread and small beer.

Granja La Lluna Restaurante

Provença, 545
Barcelona, 08026


Km 0 By Unió: The sweetest dream

The sweetest dream

Slice of bread with extra virgin olive oil, Ibiza salt and Sampaka chocolate.

Km 0 By Unió

C/ Marina, 239 Bis
Barcelona, 08013


Celler Miquel: Marinated meat casserole

Marinated meat casserole

Marinated meat with toasted bread.

Celler Miquel

c/ Castillejos, 345
Barcelona, 08025


Da Emanuele Pizza - Bar:


Da Emanuele Pizza - Bar

c/ Cartagena, 234
Barcelona, 08013


Bar Susana: Blood sausage nest

Blood sausage nest

Slice of bread with a piece of blood sausage and quail egg.

Bar Susana

C/ València, 542, B-35
Barcelona, 08013


Tropicalissima: Minced meat skewer

Minced meat skewer

Minced meat skewer.


C/València, 444
Barcelona, 08013


Restaurante El Nilo: Toasted bread, hummus and falafel with feta cheese

Toasted bread, hummus and falafel with feta cheese

Toast covered with chickpeas cream with two falafel croquettes and pieces of feta cheese.

Restaurante El Nilo

c/ Dos de Maig, 241
Barcelona, 08013


Cal Pinxo Panxo: Angela


Iberian ham appetizer with brie, onion and bread with tomato.

Cal Pinxo Panxo

C. Dos de Maig, 256
Barcelona, 08025


El Glop Gaudí: Bravas with crunchies

Bravas with crunchies

Small "tapa" of bravas (spicy potatoes) with crispy onion and ham.

El Glop Gaudí

C/ València, 443
Barcelona, 08013


Alain Pizza: Fresh artisan pizzas

Fresh artisan pizzas

Assortment of small individual pizzas (appetizers), instantly prepared.

Alain Pizza

C. Provença, 548
Barcelona, 08025


Kurz & Gut: Squid skewer

Squid skewer

Andalusian squid skewer with kimchi mayonnaise, a mix of onions and natural tomato.

Kurz & Gut

Av. Gaudí, 5-7
Barcelona, 08002


Petit Firo: Pulled pork brioche with bull sauce

Pulled pork brioche with bull sauce

Brioche bread with French butter, pulled pork and bull sauce.

Petit Firo

Av. Gaudí, 83
Barcelona, 08035


Copitas: Fresh leaf

Fresh leaf

Blue cheese cream on an endive leaf sprinkled with fine herbs.


C/Rosselló, 473
Barcelona, 08025


L'Empanadité: Soft Meat Patty

Soft Meat Patty

Classic Argentine patty with minced beef, red pepper, green pepper, onion, sweet paprika and oregano.


C/Castillejos, 263
Barcelona, 08013