Bar Bodega 'La Parra': Pintxo


Portion of potato omelette – the house special.

Bar Bodega "La Parra"

c/ Cartagena, 317
Barcelona, 08025


Celler Miquel: Pintxo Estrellado

Pintxo Estrellado

Delicious ham toast with quail egg and straw potatoes.

Celler Miquel

C/ Castillejos 345
Barcelona, 08025


Petit Firo: Firo Paradís

Firo Paradís

Mini Galician beef hamburger on ciabatta served with melted Tetilla cheese and caramelised onion.

Petit Firo

Avda. Gaudi, 83
Barcelona, 08035


KEKO Panadería - Cafetería : Spring Roll

Spring Roll

Cream cheese with fine herbs and minced black olive.

KEKO Panadería - Cafetería

Padilla, 315
Barcelona, 08025


Monk Station: Syrah wine with an assortment of cheeses

Syrah wine with an assortment of cheeses

Glass of organic Syrah wine accompanied by an assortment of fresh cheeses with quince jelly and dried fruit.

Monk Station

C/Padilla, 260
Barcelona, 08025


L'Empanadité: Soft Meat Patty

Soft Meat Patty

Classic Argentine patty with minced beef, red pepper, green pepper, onion, sweet paprika and oregano.


C/Castillejos, 263
Barcelona, 08013


Tropicalissima: Colombian skewer

Colombian skewer

"Picada", a typical Colombian dish made with "arepa", creole "chorizo", plantain, pork rind and creole potato.


C/València, 444
Barcelona, 08013


El Pocavergonyas: Spicy pork bread muffin

Spicy pork bread muffin

Lean pork baked for 8 hours over low heat and with spices and a secret hot sauce in a crispy bread muffin.

El Pocavergonyas

C/Padilla, 255, Local 107 (Dins el Mercat)
Barcelona, 08013


Pittier Pa i Café: Pittier Rolls

Pittier Rolls

The rolls is a piece of the Venezuelan Christmas celebration, it is a festive bread filled with smoked ham, sultanas and olives, with a sugar cane panela touch.

Pittier Pa i Café

C/Castillejos, 252, Local 2
Barcelona, 08025


Restaurante La Moreneta: Small pimentel jerky sandwich

Small pimentel jerky sandwich

Small toasted bread sandwich with beef jerky and olive oil and toasted pine nut emulsion.

Restaurante La Moreneta

C/Cartagena, 234
Barcelona, 08013


Bar Restaurant El Raconet: Tropical Waikiki Beach Cake

Tropical Waikiki Beach Cake

Portion of fresh cake with cocktail-style pineapple and tuna.

Bar Restaurant El Raconet

C/València, 409
Barcelona, 08013


Green Kiss: Hummus and quinoa wrap

Hummus and quinoa wrap

Delicious roll stuffed with hummus cream, quinoa, tomato and spinach.

Green Kiss

Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 214
Barcelona, 08025


Salamat: Salamat Potatoes

Salamat Potatoes

Crispy Chef's Style "Patatas Bravas": Spicy Pineapple Chutney and Curry Mayonnaise (gluten-free).


C/ Marina, 325
Barcelona, 08025


Restaurant Tio Papelon: Big Beach

Big Beach

Crispy plantain resting on strips of braised beef, a tropical salad of carrot, cabbage and coriander allowing to be covered by rain of Venezuelan cheese, duo of sauces and green guasacaca that evokes the vegetation of the Henri Pittier national park that accompanies all its aragueña coast. And an olive representing the union of both nations.

Restaurant Tio Papelon

C/Sicilia, 247
Barcelona, 08025


Miss Simona: Parmiggiana eggplant

Parmiggiana eggplant

Fried eggplant slices, tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. A classic of Italian cuisine!.

Miss Simona

C/Mallorca, 438
Barcelona, 08013


Lucus Bar: Sirloin Boat

Sirloin Boat

Pork tenderloin boat on a base of potato and caramelized onion.

Lucus Bar

C/Provença, 379
Barcelona, 08025


El Racó de Gaudí: Potato Omelette Bite

Potato Omelette Bite

Classic potato omelette with bread.

El Racó de Gaudí

Av. Gaudí, 60
Barcelona, 08018


Wines & Copas Barcelona: Cheesedonnay


Glass of white wine Viña Zorzal Chardonnay with semi-cured Manchego cheese in extra virgin olive oil flavored with Mediterranean herbs.

Wines & Copas Barcelona

C/València, 438, Local 2
Barcelona, 08013


Km 0 By Unió: 'Vi i avellanes'

"Vi i avellanes"

Glass of white, rosé or black wine from DO Terra Alta served with Reus almonds.

Km 0 By Unió

C/Marina, 239 Bis
Barcelona, 08013


Cal Màrius 449: Delicious pastrami croquette

Delicious pastrami croquette

Delicious pastrami croquette made without allergens. Pastrami is a veal ham with more than 300 years of history, famous worldwide thanks to Hollywood and its movies.

Cal Màrius 449

C/Mallorca, 449
Barcelona, 08013


Copitas: Cabra Mon Amour

Cabra Mon Amour

A slice of fresh goat cheese with Sainte Maure ash on a Turis walnut bread with a surprise dressing!.


C/Rosselló, 473
Barcelona, 08025


La Llesca: Llesqueta d'Or

Llesqueta d'Or

Tomato bread with goat cheese and baked Serrano ham and honey.

La Llesca

Gaudí, 12
Barcelona, 08025


Restaurant Gaudeix: Appetizer


Appetizer with crocanti vegetables and chicken.

Restaurant Gaudeix

Av. Gaudí, 52
Barcelona, 08025